Yoga with Laura
Yoga with Laura

About Laura

Laura Bowers your yoga instructor

MSc Human Nutrition (in progress), BSc(Hons) Health Sci, Dip NZNFE, Cert Bowen, Cert NFP, Cert Adult Ed, RYT200

Yoga Alliance Professional UK Accredited & Fully Insured.

yoga asana
One legged wheel pose
Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana

 Laura has practiced yoga on & off the mat for more than 20 years & has studied a range of wellbeing disciplines & therapies from around the world. She spent many years teaching naturopathy at diploma level and has over 10 years clinical practice supporting others experience of wellbeing using the power of nature’s remedies, healing touch & physical movement. Laura is a passionate instructor of vinyasa flow, yin, fertility, pregnancy yoga.  

”My aim is to contribute towards the healing of others, clearing obstacles to health & supporting the experience of wellbeing through the beauty of movement & by using the power of nature's remedies, healing touch & the intention of non-judgmental acceptance to guide my clients on their spiritual, emotional & physical journey's toward wellbeing.”